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Wie sagt man ‘Mindfulness Coach Training’ auf Deutsch?

The source of my increasing baseball ability has been my interest in spirituality and devotion to my mindfulness practices. Pitching a baseball is a flow state activity. You are performing at your best when you are in the zone, completely residing in the now, this breath, this movement, this pitch. Nothing else matters, not what fans are yelling, not what happened last pitch, not what is going to happen in three pitches if I walk this guy. Only the NOW.


Wie Sagt Man ‘Honeymoon’ auf Deutsch?

Roll with the punches and with the tides. Float on the water, like a butterfly. Could be a poem, wait, make it an epic. Not on the list yet, but that’s the plan, heroic. Things will get harder once the honeymoon phase wanes. Reality sets in. I’m a foreigner, an outsider with limited communication skills. It will take a lot of work to connect with the people around me and become a part of the stadt. I’m hitting it with everything I got. And when it is all said and done, perhaps I can look back in blissful awe at my metamorphosis.


A year’s worth of goals

I set goals, take control, drink out my own bottles I make mistakes, but learn from everyone And when it’s said and done I bet this Brother be a better one 2Pac...


A pitcher’s prayer

May I stay healthy in arm, body, mind and spirit. May I love the game, respect the game, and have fun playing the game. May I bring confidence and a positive attitude...


Pilgrimage to a pitching myelination mecca

Myelination. Myelin. The Talent Code. I didn’t put two and two together when Coach Wolforth first brought up the concept. I was at the Elite Pitcher’s Bootcamp at the Texas Baseball Ranch...


After a long battle, victory

Accomplishing one of your goals is not the end of the road. Your life doesn’t finish. You may have completed a chapter, but the novel continues. “It ain’t over until it’s over,”...