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Wie sagt man ‘Mindfulness Coach Training’ auf Deutsch?

The source of my increasing baseball ability has been my interest in spirituality and devotion to my mindfulness practices. Pitching a baseball is a flow state activity. You are performing at your best when you are in the zone, completely residing in the now, this breath, this movement, this pitch. Nothing else matters, not what fans are yelling, not what happened last pitch, not what is going to happen in three pitches if I walk this guy. Only the NOW.


A 24th year review

It was recently my birthday and I turned 24. That means I have been on the planet for 24 years. I’m entering my 25th year. Like the beginning of a new year,


Love to those least ‘deserving’

Last night, I was watching a program about prisoners with my dad (I usually don’t watch any TV unless it’s baseball related, though I do make exceptions to watch TV with my...


The purpose

The other day I explained why I’m on this journey to someone I am very close to. This person has their doubts about my dream and questions why I don’t want to...


The plan

So how will this rise come into fruition? There must be a plan. And I do have a plan. An aside: I make a lot of plans and I probably should just...


A paradox and a destination…

There’s an important paradox that I’ve been thinking about lately. It’s been coming at me in many different forms too. The paradox exists between karma yoga/consecrated action and having a goal that...