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A 24th year review

It was recently my birthday and I turned 24. That means I have been on the planet for 24 years. I’m entering my 25th year. Like the beginning of a new year,


After a long battle, victory

Accomplishing one of your goals is not the end of the road. Your life doesn’t finish. You may have completed a chapter, but the novel continues. “It ain’t over until it’s over,”...


Surrounded by arete

Arete – The Greek word for excellence in Homeric times. More than just a word, ‘arete‘ was a way of life, an understanding of the oneness of life and a duty to yourself...


Free tour worth so much more

I can’t remember exactly when I first found out about pick-up. I know the first videos I watched were of Brad Branson, that was the fall of 2012 I believe, my sophomore...


Rip: the greatest

About a week ago Muhammad Ali passed away (Why don’t people say ‘died’? To much fear for the ego to handle? Passed does sound nice though. Like on to the other side.)....


On franklin and motivation

I’ve been reading some fascinating material lately. An insightful idea seems to jump out of every page. Here are some of the ideas that are on my mind right now. I finished...


The purpose

The other day I explained why I’m on this journey to someone I am very close to. This person has their doubts about my dream and questions why I don’t want to...